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Welcome to Excentrics World .NET resources. This site was designed to provide information about me and the different .NET projects that I work on. I have also included the different custom controls I've created and released for public use. Once I get around to writing some articles, I'll post some of them, as well as gather resources for other .NET developers.
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Source Code
Find more information about the source code for my custom controls on the Custom Controls Page.
Custom Server Controls
Below are the controls that I've been working on, find out more information by clicking on the control name. If you wish to download the controls immediately, head over to the downloads page.

Control Name: Description:
Calendar Popup Allows you to easily create a popup calendar that does not require a postback to the server.
Collapsable Panel Allows you to easily create a section of content in your web form that can be collapsable.  Support for IE 5+ and Netscape 6+.
Faq Repeater This new data-bound templated control will allow you to add a Faq style listing of question and answers similar to what is found at Microsoft'sWebsite.
Masked Textbox Add a masked textbox control where you can define what you want your users to type in.  Javascript support for IE 5+ and Netscape 6+.  Built in RegularExpressionValidator that you can turn on and off, which helps for validation of data.
Multi-text List Controls These controls extend DropDownList and ListBox, allowing for the developer to add a second data-bound column to the List Item Text.  Also adds new methods for easily selecting list items.
Numeric Box Allows you to easily add a textbox to your webform and only allow numerical data to be entered.  Javascript support for IE 5+ and Netscape 6+.
List Transfer This control extends my Multi-Text List Box control, allowing you to order the List Items by moving them up and down in the control. You also have the ability to move List Items from one Ordred List Box control to the other via PostBack or client side Javascript.
Time Picker Allows you to easily create a popup time picker for easy selection of times throughout the day.



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