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Unleash It Data Collection

December 9, 2004 07:02 by matthaw

Looks like an update I made somewhere along the line broke usage collection for 2.4 via my webservices. So, if you’re like me and wanted to know how much things were getting reported, you’ll probably be missing that data until I figure out whats wrong.

Ohh well, it doesn’t affect Unleash It’s ability to do its primary focus of deploying files, but I sure will miss some good data usage.

Update: This problem has now been fixed. Was an issue encrypting strings using obfuscation. You can re-download 2.4 if you wish, however it is not mandatory.

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Updated Utility: Unleash It 2.4

December 8, 2004 23:16 by matthaw

The time has cometh to release Unleash It 2.4. There are really no major enhancements, however here’s the changelog:

- Added: New update downloader to handle downloading, unzipping, and launching the setup of new versions.
- Added: Horizontal scrolling for listboxes that can have lengthy text.
- Fixed: Memory leak when testing FTP profiles.
- Fixed: Unleash It did not close when downloading new version when Minimize to System Tray on Close was enabled.
- Fixed: Was not closing all readers of VS.NET project files, causing possible file locks on the project file.
- Fixed: Copy Empty Directories was not working correctly if no files existed in a directory.
- Fixed: Intermittent error received when adding the same profile to the same multiple profile.
- Fixed: New plugins were not detected if dropping in the Plugins directory.
- Changed: Password textboxes now use Visual Styles.
- Changed: Updated Skybound.VisualStyles to version 1.5.5

For more information on Unleash It and the link to download, please visit the Unleash It site.

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Development Intern Available at Integrity Technology Solutions

December 8, 2004 18:19 by matthaw
My company, Integrity Technology Solutions, is looking to take on a software development intern. If you attend a local college in Bloomington / Normal / Peoria, I’d sugest you check out and apply! Just as a FYI, our entire development team went to Illinois State University, and all started as interns here!

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PDC '03 Costs

December 8, 2004 17:57 by matthaw
Yes, I said PDC ‘03, not ‘05. My boss stated that I need to get a budget going for ‘05, and since no info is available for ‘05 yet, I need to base it off of ‘03. Does anyone have the costs for PDC ‘03? Like, registration or any additional costs?

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PDC '05 Announced

December 8, 2004 07:40 by matthaw

[Via Julia Lerman]

PDC ‘05 has just been announced! I’m trying to get my company to send me this year!

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Windows Messenger 5.1

December 7, 2004 18:50 by matthaw

I have this nasty habit of always wanting to run the latest and greatest of any software. Sometimes this causes problems with my system, however I don’t think upgrading to Windows Messenger 5.1 will hinder my work. Supposedly, there’s enhancements in this version…whatever, I got the newest version.

Update: I just installed MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA, I wonder when my computer’s going to puke. BTW, this beta is just crazy…so many annoying things in it like “Nudge”

Update 2: And MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA is gone. Just too flashy and childish. I like the simplicity that Windows Messenger gives.

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ProviderModel.com a Flop?

December 7, 2004 18:37 by matthaw
So back on October 27, 2004, Robert McLaws announced ProviderModel.com. In the announcement, he stated the Interscape USA Provider Model code will be available. So, its now December, and nothing has been done to the site, nor any code released. I ask this, was it a flop? Did Microsoft put their heavy foot down? Is McLaws just too darn busy right now?

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Using the Command Line to MSN IM People

December 7, 2004 17:50 by matthaw
This cool little app (pointed to by Ryan) allows you to IM people over MSN from the command line. I, however, won’t divulge Ryan’s thought for a new plugin…but if you grab the idea from the context above, I think you’ll understand.

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BlogJet 1.2 BETA 31 Released

December 7, 2004 17:39 by matthaw

If you missed it yesterday, BlogJet 1.2 BETA 31 was released yesterday:

(via BlogJet weblog)


  • Added caption to Generate Excerpt button.


  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts bug.
  • Fixed: BlogJet uploads only first picture of post.
  • Fixed: pictures inserted from the Web (http://) have zero sizes.
  • Fixed: errors with converting local file names of pictures.
  • Fixed: BlogJet fails to delete and edit LiveJournal posts.
  • Fixed: Generate Excerpt button is enabled for services, which don’t support excerpts.
  • Fixed: spell checker doesn’t treat typographic apostrophe (’) as apostrophe.
  • Minor fixes.

 Download BlogJet beta from Download section (second link).

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Review: WipeClean v1.0

December 7, 2004 17:30 by matthaw

Over the past month, I’ve been beta testing a new product by Avantrix called WipeClean. This product allows you to securely wipe files from your hard drive by writing zeros overall the bits on the drive. Another great feature that it adds, is if you wipe a folder, it’ll wipe that folders contents and subfolders based on a file mask that you provide. So, by easily supplying *.dat when wiping a folder, only files with that mask will get wiped leaving all other masks in-tact.

One of the biggest features that I enjoy, is the Windows Shell integration. This is an optional executable that runs in your systray that provides right-click context menu availability for wiping files directly from Windows Explorer. An added feature, is this same integration adds support for wiping your Recycle Bin contents.

There is also another great feature called “Wipe Free Space,” that you guessed it, wipes the free space of a hard drive. This is great for zero-ing out all that extra space on your hard drive if your a worry-wort, or just wanted to compress the drive size done (in VPC only).

The only pieces that I didn’t like, which is strung across all their products, is the fact that “Jobs” can be saved, but not on a per user profile basis. It saves your jobs to a directory below the installation directory, which means – you can’t save jobs if your running as Non-Admin. In Avantrix response, though, they state that operations like above should really only be done as an Admin, thus eliminating the possibility of not being able to save the job.

All in all, this is a great product, and I’ve found it extremely useful in securely wiping my files / folders from my hard drive. In work, this is a great thing, especially if you deal with secure documents all day. Check out the WipeClean website and try out their 15–day trial! And for a $19.95 value, you can’t go wrong.


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