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Calendar Popup Demo
Below you'll find a few demo's of the Calendar Popup control. Each demo shows off the various combinations that you can supply for customized display. Not featured, is the ability for changing the style of the entire control allowing you to customize the look and feel exactly how you wish to match your site.
Nullable Calendar Popup

Demo Code from Above
<ew:CalendarPopup runat="server" id="calDemo1" Nullable="True" ShowGoToToday="True"/>
Calendar Popup with Image

Demo Code from Above
<ew:CalendarPopup runat="server" id="calDemo2" ControlDisplay="TextBoxImage" ImageUrl="~/images/calendar.gif" PopupLocation="Bottom" />
Calendar Popup with Spanish Culture Set
14/07/2024 ...

Demo Code from Above
<ew:CalendarPopup runat="server" id="calDemo3" ControlDisplay="LabelImage" ImageUrl="~/images/calendar.gif" Culture="es-MX" />
Calendar Popup with Client Alert and Postback

Demo Code from Above
<script language="javascript">
function DisplayInfo(date, nulled, id) {
alert('Id: ' + id + ' Date: ' + date + ' Nulled: ' + nulled);
<ew:CalendarPopup runat="server" id="calDemo4" OnClientChange="DisplayInfo" AutoPostBack="true" Nullable="true" ShowClearDate="true" SelectedDate="7/21/2006" />
Calendar Popup with Validator

Demo Code from Above
<ew:CalendarPopup id="calDemo5" Nullable="true" ShowClearDate="true" runat="server" />
<ew:RequiredFieldValidator id="rfvDemo5" ControlToValidate="calDemo5" ErrorMessage="<- Required" Display="Dynamic" runat="server" />
<asp:Button id="buttonDemo5" Text="Submit" runat="server" />



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