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List Transfer
The List Transfer control enables users to easily move list items up or down in listboxes, as well as move items to other listboxes. This control works best in all browsers because of the postback functionality, but by default the control uses Client Side Javascript to move items. For unsupported browsers (NS4), the control is displayed with postback functionality.

A demo for this control is located here: View Demo

You can download the installation files by clicking here. Remember, if you have downloaded another component, you do not need to download this one. They are all apart of the same assembly. Also, you have the option of downloading the .NET 1.0, .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, or .NET 3.5 assemblies, however while .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1 are in synch with each other, the 2.0 and 3.5 assemblies have much more vast functionality contained within them.

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