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MikeRoweSoft Settled

January 26, 2004 21:56 by matthaw
Yup, thats right...its finally over. As the story describes, Mike Rowe settled for a certification course, subscription to MSDN, free trip to Developer Network Research Tech Fest, and an Xbox all for the domain name transfer to MS. MS was also kind enough to pay any expesnes incurred during this ordeal as well as helping him setup his new website - http://www.MikeRoweForums.com. Good to see that Mke won this battle, Rock on!

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January 26. 2004 22:11

no forum powered by asp.net? ;)

David Cumps

January 26. 2004 22:12

Nope, looks like its all PHP based.

Matt Hawley

January 27. 2004 17:21

That is great to hear!


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