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Plugin Release: NewsGator NNTP Plugin v0.3

January 28, 2004 00:04 by matthaw
Version 0.3 of the NewsGator NNTP Plugin to allow posting to newsgroups has been released. This version includes a tight integration with NewsGator subscriptions, however password prompting is still necessary for server authentication (if required). Due to the integration, the configuration screens for servers and their newsgroups have been removed. This version also tweaked the HTML cleanup to represent messages more accurately.

This version also includes an extension to NewsGator, that appends required information to the post when processing feeds from newsgroups. This allows for a no prompt reply (unless needing to authenticate) to the newsgroup. A big thanks goes out to Greg for his help on the extension, as I'm not an avid Outlook programmer.

Plans for the next version include no prompting for passwords to authenticated newsgroups and a 1.0 branding of the plugin.

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January 28. 2004 01:46

Could you please consider also enabling the newsgroup list that apprears to be multi selectable?  Often I need to post to multiple newsgroups.

Also, is there any way you set the selection on that list to the newsgroup that you are replying in?

Thank you.

Tim Hitchings

January 28. 2004 04:00

Good ideas, I'll get those into 0.4

Matt Hawley

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