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Release: Excentrics World Custom Controls 1.9

January 31, 2004 21:57 by matthaw

The long awaited 1.9 release of my Custom Controls has finally came, and gone.  Today I released this version that contains huge improvments over version 1.8.2, as well as 2 new controls, Accordion Panel and Empty DataGrid.  To download these controls, please visit Excentrics World

Now, for the good stuff, the changes:

Bread Crumb Trail:
- Added SessionName to allow for multiple bread crumbs in a site.
- Added Reset method to reset the crumbs, viewstate, and session.

Calendar Popup:
- Fixed Text not being applied to AlternateText of the Image.
- Fixed toggling of Enabled on postbacks with DisableTextboxEntry true not allowing manual entry.
- Fixed DropDownLists and ListBoxes not being hidden correctly if more than 1 form exists.
- Fixed VisibleDate not being set correctly when date exceeds the lower or upper bound date.
- Added Holiday collection, Holidays, that will allow you to add special dates or holidays.
- Added ability to bind data to the Holidays Collection using HolidayDataSource, HolidayDataMember, and HolidayDataField
- Added Button and Image display type.  This will not display the date to the user.
- Added NextMonthImageUrl, PreviousMonthImageUrl, NextYearImageUrl, PreviousYearImageUrl properties to set the prev/next month and year links as images.
- Added Reset methods to reset the date.

Collapsable Panel:
- Fixed OnInit method calling OnLoad method inadvertantly.
- Fixed Collapsed being overriden by loading the view state after it has changed from a previous postback.
- Fixed Image or Expand/Collapse text not showing when displayed on the left.
- Fixed support for Opera based browsers.
- Added Sliding effect for IE based browsers.
- Added CollapsedTitleStyle for varying the style for collapsed and expanded views.
- Added JavascriptOnToggleFunction for processing custom javascript logic when toggled.

Faq Repeater:
- Fixed javascript not being inserted when no data exists.
- Fixed javascript error being displayed when no data exists.

Masked Text Box:
- Fixed support for Opera, AutoFillMask is disabled for Opera browsers.
- Fixed overwriting of onfocus and onchange attributes.
- Added IsRequired, RequiredErrorMessage, and RequiredErrorText.
- Added ValidatorStyle for the RegEx and Required Validators.

Multi-Text List Controls:
- Fixed values not being bound when in a DataGrid.

Numeric Box:
- Fixed support for Opera browsers.
- Added ability to accept 1 or 2 characters for the dollar sign.
- Added RawText property that retrieves the text without any currency formatting.
- Added PlacesBeforeDecimal to handle the number of numbers can be entered prior to the decimal point.

Ordered List Box:
- Added SortOrder property and Sort method.
- Added LinkAlignment that allows you to define which side the links are located.
- Added DisplayAsButtons that will show buttons instead of links or images.

Time Picker:
- Fixed Text not being applied to AlternateText of the Image.
- Fixed SelectedTime not correct upon postback.
- Fixed Javascript error when ShowClearTimeText=true and EnableHideDropDown=true
- Added Button and Image type.  This will not display the time to the user.
- Added OneMinute to the TimeInterval enumeration.
- Added Reset methods to reset the time.


February 1. 2004 00:57

Looks excellent!  I've been using your library for the Multi-Text list controls and the Calendar Popup.  They perform exactly as advertised.  Keep on rockin'.

Jeff Perrin

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