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Another VS.NET Irk

February 21, 2004 00:42 by matthaw

Heres another little thing that VS.NET does that irks me.  Whenever I'm copying and pasting HTML code in the code editor, VS.NET seems to think that if I don't have a ID or Name attribute, that it should add one.  I wish the IDE could be a bit smarter to think that if I didn't have it before, I wouldn't want one now.  Also...why does the IDE think that I want a Name attribute anyways.  How often do you use that attribute...NONE!  Well, at least for me...I know it has its purposes, but I'm just complaining because the IDE isn't that smart.

So - Whidbey team... can this be done?  I don't know how many times I've had to clean up my code after pasting...it shouldn't have to take me this long.

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February 21. 2004 02:03

How about the moronic modal two-different types of copy & paste? Have you ever tried to copy text from a work document into an ASP.NET page? Then switch to the C# code-behind and paste the same text there. Huh? If each mode were bound to a the same keystrokes regardless of view then I could safely ignore the paste with formating. But Nooooo!


February 23. 2004 18:33

I agree.  There should be a way to turn off *all* auto-formatting in the IDE.  I like a lot of the auto-formatting options but some are just plain annoying.  I especially dislike the automatic formatting it does to your HTML as soon as you make one change in design mode.  I tab my HTML out nicely so it is readable and the IDE basically mucks it all up by wrapping lines and changing the tabbing.


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