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Dogfooding my NNTP Plugin

March 24, 2004 17:23 by matthaw

Yesterday & Today I decided to start being more proactive in newsgroups, and as such I wanted to start dogfooding my NNTP NG Posting Plugin. I definately have to say that reading & responding to newsgroup postings is extremely easy.  Since I really never posted to newsgroups, I never really used it, I just developed it because there was a need in the community for it.  However, after using it several times, I'm definately stoked about it...and I would have to say that dogfooding is always a good idea on whatever application you're using. Maybe I'll find something I like or don't like about it that I can change.  Gotta love it.

Now, to find out how to add my signature for replies...


March 24. 2004 19:02

Thanks, I've got it fixed now.

Matt Hawley

March 24. 2004 21:24

I would like to be able to use the plug-in but for some reason it doesn't want to post to the server but it does show up in Outlook as being posted .. I think maybe I have a setting wrong somewhere.


March 25. 2004 00:46

Steven - shoot me an email so I can help you.

Matt Hawley

March 25. 2004 06:40


I downloaded your newest version .. uninstalled the previous release and installed the new one. Everything seems to be working well .. but I'll do some more testing on the WinExtra newsgroups to make sure Smile

Oh and I do hope you figure out away to include sigs.

Steven Hodson





March 25. 2004 07:24

The easiest way I found out, was to just create a new signature.  Then, when your responding go to "Insert" -> "Signature" and then choose which one you want.  (BTW - I'm at home and don't have sigs setup, however I do at work, and it works great).  Its an extra step, but it at least works & saves time from writing my sigs each time.

Matt Hawley

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