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Downloaded VS.NET 2005 CTP - Now What

March 26, 2004 03:57 by matthaw

Okay, so you just finished downloading the massive 2.67 GB .IMG file from MSDN, and go figure, you don't have a DVD burner available.  Time's crunching away until Apprentice starts, you haven't eaten, and all you want to do is get VS.NET 2005 CTP installed on that freshly installed VPC image.

But wait, theres a problem, that darn .IMG file is for burning DVDs only...VPC can't mount it. Man, that sucks - so with the help of a little Googling, I found Undisker which allowed me to open the .IMG file and extract the contents to my hard drive.  And the crowd goes wild!  Now, I have 5 minutes left until Apprentice, can I get it started installing?

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March 26. 2004 04:12

I highly recommend Alcohol 120%


David Findley

March 26. 2004 04:41

Daemon Tools works really well for me too. http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/portal.php">http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/portal.php

It should mount DVD sized images. At least I hope so, since my VS2005 is still downloading and I plan on using D-Tools to mount the image... Smile


March 26. 2004 05:26

Daemon tools works, I had to mount the .img in the host os, and then grab the G: drive from VPC.  Worked like a charm.

Scott Sargent

March 26. 2004 07:30

Now if it was only distributed with modern technology (torrent)


March 26. 2004 14:38

Original CD Emulator lets you mount the image as a drive.



March 26. 2004 19:07

two solutions for CD images:

One: Winrar will open iso type images. Winrar is the best archiving tool, and beats Winzip or crap like that

Two: Nero Image Drive lets you mount CD images.

Burning downloaded images is a waste of a good disc


March 26. 2004 22:31

It is a DVD image, not a CD image.  I think there are differences (but not positive).  Does everyone's comments have that in mind?  Do all of the ISO mounting programs work for mounting DVD's?  If so, I'm surprised it doesnt work for VPC.


March 26. 2004 22:36

VPC doesn't like it...however I did use Original CD Emulator at work, and it worked without a hitch.  The program is a little childish, wacky colors and all, but works great.

Matt Hawley

March 27. 2004 19:36

I used IsoBuster to get at the contents, and it worked great.


April 16. 2004 20:20

Just rename the file to .ISO and it will do the magic.

Nero and I guess most other programs will recognize the image.

Also, you can read the file with Winrar (even without renaming it).


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