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XP SP2 RC1 - Dead, after 3 days

March 27, 2004 05:10 by matthaw

Well, it took 3 days to officially kill my computer after installing Windows XP SP2 RC1.  Well, it didn't necessarily kill it, but it would freeze during the bootup.  That was only the peak of things this evening, however earlier this afternoon everything just shut down...no blue screen of death, nothing.

So, after booting into Safe Mode, I was able to successfully uninstall SP2 RC1 and all the extra beta updates from Windows Update, and all is well once again.  Phew, good thing I don't have to rebuild my laptop this weekend...would have been dificult since I'm at my parents.

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March 27. 2004 14:15

You lasted two days longer than me. I was only able to have it on for 24 hours before I had to uninstall it.  I wrote a couple of scathing bug reports. This SP is NOT ready for prime-time.

(And I beta test things all the time!  Just didn't get in this beta, because I was testing Whidbey.)


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