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Reporting Bugs in VS.NET 2005 CTP

March 30, 2004 00:21 by matthaw

As I'm starting to use VS.NET 2005 CTP more and more, I'm coming across some bugs...duh!  Well, I was hunting around the IDE to see if there was a "Submit a Bug" menu item, or a shortcut to a website...however I could not find anything.

Then it dawned on me...I bet theres a newsgroup for this in the private sector...sure enough there was.  So, I've posted a few bugs there, and will do so for future ones, and I would suggest everyone else doing the same (unless MS has another form of collecting bug submissions that I'm not aware of).  So if you want access, point you're preferreed news reader to:

Server: privatenews.microsoft.com
Newsgroup: microsoft.private.whidbey.aspnet.bugs
Username: privatenews\VSUser
Password: Password

This news server also has some other whidbey related newsgroups that I've subscribed too as well, but there isn't that much activity.  Lets turn that around and make that the place to go for help & bug submissions!

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March 30. 2004 07:05

I Think, Now these are no longer private newsgroups. ;)


March 30. 2004 09:17

My understanding is that those newsgroups are for MSDN Universal Subscribers and EAP participants only and that the login information you have just published is not supposed to be made public.


March 30. 2004 15:53

I found that information freely available on the internet somewhere.  I will remove it if I get word from MS.

Matt Hawley

April 1. 2004 08:45

Thanks Matt - you are doing the right thing.  It's a little confusing so I'll explain what happened.  

These newsgroups were originally for people who went to the PDC.  We wanted to make those public since PDC was not an NDA event.  But we also did not expect the newsgroups to live on forever.  For a reason I can't explain (as in I don't understand it), we can't delete public newsgroups, so we made these in some "private" space we have control over.  And to make them public we simply published the account/password info.  

I have someone in my team (Josh Ledgard) looking at our overall use of newsgroups and forums, to figure out what we want in the long-term.  I anticipate making some change, perhaps going to a v.Shipped and v.Next kind of pairing where people who want help on the shipped product don't have to deal with pre-release clutter.  So rather than do something different for this community drop (and then maybe something still different in a few months) we just re-used these newsgroups.  

If you have any thoughts on how DevDiv is using newsgroups/forums, please contact me at blogs.msdn.com/markcli or better yet Josh Ledgard at blogs.msdn.com/jledgard.  


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