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True NNTP for Outlook

April 10, 2004 22:02 by matthaw
Looks like theres finally something out there that will be competing with NewsGator and my NNTP Posting Plugin that allows for true NNTP support in Outlook. However, there seems to be issues with combining this plugin with NewsGator.  Obviously I'm sticking to NewsGator & my NNTP Posting Plugin, why ditch my own stuff.


June 25. 2004 13:32

true NNTP for outlook is Mapilab NNTP because it is not a plugin, it is a transport and when I installed it I could download news like usual mail. Before using Mapilab NNTP I read news from OE and after switching to big Outlook I d onot see differents between OE and Outlook with working with news and it is a very good for me.


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