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Centrall IL Dot Net UG Meetings

June 25, 2004 18:53 by matthaw

I guess its time for a recap, in case anyone is interested.

Kent just posted his visit and topic for our group meeting in September, but I'd also like to mention the meetings between now and then that are going to be notable..

June 30th - Eric Sink from SourceGear will be visiting and discussing the use of ASP.NET for ISVs.
August 4th - Phil Weber from CodeWidget will be visiting and discussing Smart Client applications.
August 4th - Michael Ruminer from CodeWidget will be visiting.
September 1st - Kent Tegels will be visiting and discussing XML in Databases
October 6th - Jeff Prosise will be visiting and discussing security with ASP.NET applications.
November 3rd - Jacob Cynamon will be visiting and discussing WSE 2.0
December 1st - I will be discussing development and use of ASP.NET Server Controls

Great lineup, isn't it. I'm stoked! You can keep up to date on our lineup by visiting our group's webpage.

Update: Phil informed me that he is no longer employed by CodeWidget. I'm looking for an alternative solution - hopefully CodeWidget will come through and still send someone, otherwise I'll be taking the slot and moving my presentation up.

Update 2: Michael Ruminer will be taking Phil's place. His topic is currently unknown.

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