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Lookout Bought by Microsoft

July 16, 2004 14:52 by matthaw

So all of you who've be such great users of Lookout (like me), did you know that they just got bought out by Microsoft? Here's their blip:

"Today we are delighted to announce that Microsoft has acquired Lookout. The reason we're so excited about this is because Microsoft and Lookout are now altering our product plans to build our next product with the best technologies from each camp. This will enable us to take Lookout where we never previously dreamed it could go."

Hopefully this means that there will be better integrated search in future versions of Outlook. Maybe I should just read the additional info.

Update: Okay, so now this sucks because you cannot download Lookout anymore and they won't be producing any more patches. Looks like MS bought them out for the primary reason of search and MSN. How to make something great suck.

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July 16. 2004 22:41

micorosoft sucks. porting you out of our business plan.  


July 18. 2004 11:42

Hey, Matt,

Don't get too discouraged by the lack of info available on the net.  As a proud software developer, its hard for me to see the software turned off too.  But it did make sense for everyone.  Existing users all still have copies, and can continue to use them.  And for those that lost it and needed it, I can help them out.

But the more important bit is that this technology is going to still move forward.  And just because it got acquired by MSN doesn't mean that its moving into some random, unrelated piece of software.  I honestly think you'll like the next product better than you liked Lookout.

But, call me a liar if that doesn't turn true!

mike belshe

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