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I'm Older Now

July 21, 2004 19:41 by matthaw
Well, one quick note from my vacation...today's my 23rd birthday, and what better way of spending it than sitting on the beach in beautiful blue skies. Yes, I've actually done that this morning, and plan on doing it later. So, off to lunch then back to the beach!

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July 21. 2004 19:58

Happy birthday

Dave Kekish

July 21. 2004 20:07

Happy birthday dude!  I wish you and yours the best and I hope that you are enjoying your vacation!

Ryan Rinaldi

July 21. 2004 20:22

Happy Birthday!

Robert Hurlbut

July 21. 2004 20:26

happy birthday!  today is my 24th birthday.  lucky you... i get to spend my day creating a webservice to create pdfs from an html document...

ron richardson

July 21. 2004 21:54

Oy, you're the mirror image of my age. I have been playing with computers longer than you've been alive. Excuse me while I go take some Geritol and buy a red sports car. I hope I don't break a hip writing this comment.

Happy Birthday. Smile


July 21. 2004 22:42

Happy Birthday! Have more fun in your vacation. Smile


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