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Fun Words to Type

July 28, 2004 18:47 by matthaw
You know what word is fun to type? Queue. Mississippi could fall into this category as well. What are fun words you like to type? What are hard ones that you hate?

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July 28. 2004 20:02

How about anemone, syzygy, Caesar, and Massachusetts?


July 28. 2004 20:31

I can't type jsut for some reason.


July 28. 2004 20:49

database  - all left hand


July 28. 2004 21:03

You know what wowd is fun to type? Qweue.

Mississippi couwd faww into this categowy as weww.

What awe fun wowds you wike to type? What awe hawd ones that you hate?


July 28. 2004 21:05

Took me a sec. Elmer, then I just started laughing when I saw your name.

Matt Hawley

July 28. 2004 22:54

i can never get 'occasionally right', i always want to put two s's in it.

jayson knight

July 29. 2004 00:16

funny, I just typed "queue" earlier today and had problems with it.  Don't remember having problems before though...  (are you watching me??)

For some reason I often mess up any "-ion" words as "-ino", eg: notificatino, motino, justificatino


August 5. 2004 18:41

Pity me here in Italy... my keyboard is Italian layout so it's "Alt Gr" + "Shift" + "Some keys up on the right" for { and }, keys which also give [, ], è, é, + and *! Makes for some strangely defined code blocks at times.


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