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Is there a new problem with .Text?

August 12, 2004 15:07 by matthaw

Err... I mean Community Server :: Blogs...

Anyway, has anyone else noticed the amount of trackbacks in our feedback section of the admin? It looks like every link that goes out from our comments is added as a trackback. Now, I'm not too keen on trackbacks, but I know these are truly not trackbacks because no where on the site listed is a mentioning of my blog post. Anyone have any idea whats up with that?

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August 12. 2004 15:23

Matt also the list oder on the main feed page is going totally berzek since few days. Very hard to catch up with latest posts.

Now I can see on the top people who posted something last year !?!?


August 12. 2004 16:10

Comments (accidently) have been trackback enabled since the first release of 0.95. I have mix feelings on it, but I will take you post as a no. Smile



August 12. 2004 16:16

Yeah, its that I have a ton of trackbacks now, and can't get to my feedback easily. So I gotta wade through several pages of crap before I can see the important things.

Matt Hawley

August 13. 2004 00:05

o no pascal is not on top any more hahaha


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