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Configuration Error - Solved

August 24, 2004 23:04 by matthaw

For the last few days, I've been having the problem of "Configuration Error - Access is denied" in one of my web applications that I've been building. Well, today was the breaking point. After restarting my computer roughly 10 times in 45 minutes, I decided to google it. Alas, I found this KB article that explains why its happening and how to solve it.

The "quickie" fix for this is to go to Indexing Services and explicitly exclude the temporary ASP.NET folders from Index Services. Read the article to actually figure out how to do that, I'm assuming you can read more than 1 webpage since you're reading this.

I think this is going to be one of those "Must Do When Rebuild Machine" tasks that I'll forget to do, yes I did say forget. How often do you remember the peculiarities in your setup...

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August 25. 2004 00:51

i cannot tell you how many times i've flattened a box only to run into this issue again, and again, and again.  for some reason, i never seem to remember this fix, and it's so frustrating!  i hope MS fixes this in the future (perhaps as part of the installer, giving an option to disable indexing on the asp.net folders).

jayson knight

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