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Jeff Prosise Coming to Central IL .NET User Group

October 6, 2004 19:04 by matthaw

I'm happy to announce that Jeff Prosise will be making a guest appearance at our monthly .NET User Group in Bloomington, IL this evening. More information about his presentation can be found at http://www.centralil.net

If you're in the central IL area, stop by Illinois State University campus and join us at Schroeder Hall Annex 130 at 7 PM for an enlightening presentation by Jeff Prosise. If you need a map, follow these directions:

1. Go to www.ilstu.edu/map
2. Search for "Schroeder Hall Annex"
3. It'll pinpoint where the building is, and I suggest parking in the Bone Student Center parking lot.

Again, we're starting around 7 PM, so I hope to see you all there!

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