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My Resignation is in Order

December 7, 2004 17:11 by matthaw
As of 5 PM yesterday, I’m no longer apart of the Central IL Dot Net User Group based out of Bloomington / Normal, IL. Throughout the past year, I did my hardest to bring in the best & brightest speakers, and I succeeded. I wanted to personally thank those that came and spoke. As far as what I’ll be doing next…well, I’ll probably join the other .NET User Group in town and see if that group is any better (which I’m sure it will be). If that doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably start a third group in town.


December 7. 2004 20:08

So why'd you quit?  You can't throw stuff out there and expect us to be satisfied with that.  Throw me a frickin' bone here!  Smile


December 7. 2004 20:13

There were internal issues mostly relating to me not seeing eye to eye with the other (very few - now 3) members. My biggest gripe was the fact that we were so small and no one but me had the motivation to expand. I'd rather not get into the dirty stuff (and trust me, there was dirty stuff) on the blog. IM me if you wanna chat.

Matt Hawley

December 7. 2004 22:16

No need, just curious!  As a user group leader myself, I'm interested in things going bad as well as good.  Thanks for the info. Smile


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