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When DateTime.MinValue Attacks

December 30, 2004 00:22 by matthaw

The other day I purchased myself a new Dell server for home, and when checking out my order status on their .NET Web App, I noticed this nice piece of information under the section of viewing all previous orders by my customer number.


Being this close to Christmas, the only possible solution is that Jesus must have bought my server for me. Heh, beat that Santa!

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December 30. 2004 02:10

Hehe, Jesus bought you a server, nice one! Smile

Jan Tielens

December 30. 2004 03:17

What do you know! Another guy with my name! Anyways, yes of course it was Jesus! Unless you are blind to the clear evidence above.


January 5. 2005 11:53

Hi, I found this code in one of your article in c# version which solved my problem of error which i was getting while 0pening solution

Sub Application_BeginRequest(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

            ' Fires at the beginning of each request

            Dim ver As String = Request.ServerVariables("URL").ToString()

            If (ver.IndexOf("get_aspx_ver.aspx") >= 0) Then Response.End()

        End Sub

but the problem still their, not opening pages, showing page not found for each and every page

thank you

please write me to "devtodev @ g m ail. co m"


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