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How Nerdy Are You?

January 6, 2005 18:38 by matthaw
I am nerdier than 63% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
I guess thats good? Does that mean I have a somewhat social life? I mean I answered that I only had less than 4 good friends – why is that social. Probably because I didn’t spend my childhood enjoying D&D or watching Star Trek – or the fact that I hated science and could care less about the periodic table. At least I’m not as nerdy as Kent (no hard feelings man, but it does show ).

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January 6. 2005 19:16

It's alright... I'm not hurt... really... Smile

Kent Tegels

January 6. 2005 19:19


Matt Hawley

January 6. 2005 19:36

I got a 58, but it didn't even tap in to my vast comic book/movie knowledge.  


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