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Tahiti for TiVo

January 31, 2005 18:12 by matthaw

It’s nice to see TiVo supplying something for the large developer grouping of us. Tahiti, the code name for TiVo’s SDK, will be released on SourceForge sometime soon with a few example applications that “allow DVRs download information and content from the Internet that wasn’t possible to download before.”

However, the CNet article points out a few examples that are already available for JavaHMO using the Home Media Option. Maybe Tahiti can provide a more streamlined way of doing it, and not having to generate images.

The good? Well, its Java based, which means it’ll be able to fit right into JavaHMO allowing for their developers to do so much more with a great product. The bad? It’s a Java based SDK – which means someone is going to have to port it to .NET so that I (or many of you) can use it.

[via CNet]

Update: Here’s the direct link to the Home Media Engine (could this actually be the SDK name?).

  • Toolkit includes a sandbox TiVo emulator app you can run on your desktop to test applications against
  • Developer backdoor password that enables HME (will require that you have the new TiVo 7.1 OS)
  • You can now code simple games, audio applications, video applications, and utilities in Java that will run on your computer and communicate with any TiVo with the backdoor enabled on your network (you can share your code with others if they want to run the apps too)
  • Developer contest announced, to award the best apps developed in the next few months
  • Included sample apps include a simple game, a RSS reader, and a weather app

    [via PVRBlog]

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    February 1. 2005 04:02

    I beleive that it's Java based because it's going to be running client-side (On the Tivo) and not server side.

    Chris Szurgot

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