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When GhostDoc Fails...

March 22, 2005 18:20 by matthaw

Since pictures are worth a thousand words…


As you can see, GhostDoc isn’t 100% accurate on creating decent documentation.

Update – here’s a better one that really makes me chuckle…


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March 23. 2005 00:27

You should send this over to www.TheDailyWTF.com Smile

Derick Bailey

March 23. 2005 00:29

Nah, not funny enough. Just enough for a chuckle.

Matt Hawley

March 23. 2005 02:52

In fact, "Toes the string" is a running gag with the guys at work Wink

Very common methods like "ToString()" or "Equals()" will be handled in a more intelligent way in a future version.

Regarding "AlreadyScheduled": This is a case where a rule *would* be possible, but a different naming of the method could even be better; I'd call it "IsAlreadyScheduled()". One advantage: If you have several methods that check a state, you'll find them all in one place when using intellisense. Another advantage: GhostDoc knows how to handle methods starting with "Is..." or "Has..." Wink


Roland Weigelt

March 23. 2005 02:54

Thanks Roland, I figured I could have made the architecure better, but I'm just documenting and don't want to change the code base.

Good to see "Toes the string" is a gag for you as well Smile

Matt Hawley

March 31. 2005 02:56

My favorite is still "Ons the Init". I spend a lot of time oning my init.


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