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The Joke's On You

April 1, 2005 17:24 by matthaw

Heh, I’ve been preparing (link 1, 2, 3, 4) my April Fools joke for the last two weeks now. Boy are a lot of people gullable. To think that so many people would actually believe that Microsoft would hire a good ‘ol boy from Illinois and move him and his fiance across country. I do have to say that my story was very elaborate, though the indications are there that it was all fake (no names used, no specific dates except for my “on-site” interview). What’s even funnier is that I completely made up the Microsoft division that “hired” me. I even got some Microsoftees to join in (thanks gretchen & Cleve!), secretly of course, to help out in making this seem reliable.

So whats the real story? Well, Microsoft did purchase my source code, and I did send them a resume. However I was never called for a screening call or even got to go out there for a on-site interview. Its amazing on how much detail one can find about the interview process on the internet to make a good story great.

Update: Okay, the cats out of the bag…the post lasted about 2 hours before someone finally caught on that this post WAS the joke. For real, though, today is my last day with Integrity and I will be starting at Microsoft on April 11. God, that was funny!

Update2: Man, seriously, I’m still laughing over here…and so are my coworkers. Truly a masterpiece. BTW, I can’t help but feel like running around in a white towel (and nothing more) just like the guy in the Holiday Inn Express commercial…great ideas do come while your in the shower.

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April 1. 2005 17:29

Well, I guess that means that the joke's on you then. Doesn't it?


April 1. 2005 17:35

Well, yes since its about me...

Matt Hawley

April 1. 2005 18:05

See, and I was actually happy for you!

M. Keith Warren

April 1. 2005 18:21

Good one!


April 1. 2005 18:25

What source code did they buy?  eWorld UI?

Josh Robinson

April 1. 2005 18:28

Yes, that is correct.

Matt Hawley

April 1. 2005 18:49

Oh man...that was a good one.

jayson knight

April 1. 2005 19:22

For Pete's sake, THIS is the joke! Come on, people! ;)

Jeff Key

April 1. 2005 19:31

See, I knew you had really been to Seattle at least because you complained about the traffic. ALL Midwesterners who come to Seattle complain about the traffic.

Or WAIT. Maybe this is a recursive joke and the latest update is the joke?

I'll just wait for the stack to overflow and then laugh.


April 1. 2005 19:47

Well I know it's not a joke - I've seen all the paperwork and am giving the party Sat night!


April 1. 2005 21:41

Gosh. What if the MS job offer was the elaborate April Fool's joke, and the joke really is on you?

Jon Galloway

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