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... But Not an End to Excentrics World

August 15, 2005 01:47 by matthaw

Following up from my last post, the end is no longer in sight. I’ve gotten approval (quickly I might add) from the ASP.NET Product Group concerning my continued development and distribution of my controls. So, once again I’m in the holding pattern of getting my moonlighting request approved on both ends. Hopefully this time, things will go a lot quicker.

As an aside, my site will remain as-is until I get final approval. It has been such a pleasure seeing the support that the community can bring in. So, just a few weeks more

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August 15. 2005 09:13

Great Going dude! Hope to see improvement to them control.Esp those calenders n boxes!! Great work and rock on !!

dude where my car?

August 15. 2005 16:47

Hurrah.. nice one Matt!  good to see that when I signed the Support petition list thingy last week I was number 18 and now it in the hundreds!!

You have ace controls here and it is great to see a possibility of them continuing..

All the best in your assimilation into the MS collective!!


August 16. 2005 23:37

Awesome news Matt!

Ryan Farley

August 17. 2005 22:41

Hey, great news matt... i'm tapping my fingers as patiently as i can Smile

Paul Leamy

August 30. 2005 12:08

Yeay Smile

Hope you get final permission soon Smile

Mischa Kroon

September 8. 2005 13:00

Hey Matt, Just got back from my Honeymoon and was hoping too see some news from you.  How're things going with MS?

Tim Haines

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