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ASP.NET Membership - Configuration Error in Documentation

December 20, 2005 01:25 by matthaw

So I’m currently playing around with ASP.NET’s new Membership / Role providers with a dummy application, and I came across an error in the documentation concerning the MinRequiredNonAlphanumericCharacters property.

The documentation clearly states that for configuration via web.config should use “minAlphanumericCharacters” attribute which is to be set on the membership element. The example right below explains that “minRequiredNonAlphanumericCharacters” should be used, however the example configuration shows it using the invalid item.

It should be noted that “minRequiredNonAlphanumericCharacters” is the correct attribute name that should be used, as well as it is not set on the membership element, but on the provider add element itself.

I’ve also been told that the documentation has been updated internally and will eventually get published to the web in the future…so until then, remember this post.

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December 20. 2005 09:33

best is to look into machine.config for the attributes

Hannes Preishuber

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