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Vista Build 5270 - Sound Advice

December 21, 2005 16:17 by matthaw
So I nearly took the Vista build plunge last night, and it would have been my first one. Luckily enough, my DVD didn't finish burning until after 11:30 PM, so I didn't feel like staying up real late. Good thing I hit the sack. Reading my blog posts this morning reminds me of very sound advice - wait for Sam to do it first! What's his advice, don't. Seems this build isn't ready for prime time. I guess I'll go ahead and stash the DVD away and wait for Beta 2.

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December 21. 2005 17:22

Beta 2 is usually a good marker. If you want to do anything more than just look around, wait for Beta 2.

Matt, right idea.



December 22. 2005 15:01

FWIW, I've been running it for a few days and have zero problems. It even downloaded drivers for my fingerprint reader from WU! You'll probably want to skip it only if you have a laptop.

Jeff Key

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