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Custom Controls Back Online!

February 11, 2006 06:47 by matthaw
All of my custom controls and website are now back online for download. I've also added in the ability for you to purchase the source code again as well. Enjoy! It should be noted that I had to recompile the setup, so its not nearly as pretty now, as well as the .NET 1.0 setup will not ask if you'd like to install to the GAC.


February 11. 2006 09:36

Cool Matt. What's the link?

John Walker

February 11. 2006 09:44

The link is http://www.eworldui.net">http://www.eworldui.net

Matt Hawley

February 11. 2006 09:50


John Walker

February 11. 2006 18:56

Congratulations Matt! Glad to see Microsoft didn't just toss your code into the dungeon of forgotten code.

Mike Taber

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