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Released to Public: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, RC1

May 14, 2006 00:23 by matthaw

I’m proud to announce the public release of Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, RC1! With a complete rewrite from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0, over 120 bug fixes or new additions, 2 alpha releases, 2 beta releases, and full reimplemented design-time support, it’s been a long time in the waiting for all! Today marks the day that Excentrics World moves into vNext.

So, if you’re interested in test-driving, great! Excentrics World is looking for the public to help flush out any of the final kink’s prior to Server Controls v2.0 goes RTM.

Thanks again to all of my beta testers! Enjoy the release candidate community!


May 14. 2006 06:44

This is very very awesome Smile

Thanks man!


May 14. 2006 11:22

Wow! Wow wow wow! Great news!

Jon Galloway

May 15. 2006 12:39

Excellent work........you have saved me so much brain ache........

I........I..........I think I love Excentrics

Thanks Matt


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