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Released to Public: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, RC2

May 23, 2006 08:14 by matthaw

I’m happy to announce the public release of Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, RC2! While there haven’t been many changes since the RC1 release, there was a notable change that I believe a lot of users would benefit from if the control set was released. If you’re new to the next version or Release Candidates, please read my RC1 release post.

If you’re interested in test-driving, I’m waiting for you! Help continue flushing out bugs in Server Controls v2.0 prior to it going RTM.

Enjoy this new Release Candidate community!


May 23. 2006 17:38

Great.  Thanks for all your work for the community Matt.


May 23. 2006 21:51

Thanks Matt!

In TimePicker.GetFormattedValue, you are serializing the GetHashCode() of an enumeration. This is a really bad idea as there is no guarantee that the HashCode values are unique, will stay the same between .Net versions or anything like that. What you should be doing is simply casting the enumeration to an int (since you want to do math on it).

I'm also not a fan of controls that default sytle values for things like background colors and sizes. Is there any chance you could remove all that forced-style information?

Marc Brooks

May 23. 2006 22:34

Thanks for the info of the GetHashCode. As far as styles, no I won't be removing default styles.


May 28. 2006 12:09

Great controls Matt, great controls, i know your used to these compliments, but i cant find anything else to say. but atleast know that in Jordan we are grateful for your effort.

i have a small questions, are you planning on adding accordion panel to V2.0?? if not why??


May 28. 2006 19:35

I integrated all of AccordianPanel's extensions into CollapsablePanel directly.


May 31. 2006 21:47

I just wanted to add my comment here to show support for your efforts.  

I believe every coder should give back to the community by supporting at least one free effort, and you are more than doing your part.

I discovered your controls only recently, and only today i discovered the 2.0 RC2 that you've been working on.  I dropped the newer controls into my site, and I'm very impressed.  

Again, thanks for your efforts, these controls are awesome!


June 7. 2006 04:23

Wellcome to the real world.

forced sex

June 26. 2006 22:05

I tried the fix found on the message boards but it did not work on my application.  Is there any way you can rlease a hotfix for the SSL Warning ?

Thanks , Your controls are easy and great to work with


July 4. 2006 17:42

Excelente amigo, muy buenos controles, voy a enviar tu dirección a muchos amigos y exponerla en los foros, muy buena. Felicidades.
Elder Soto
Don Quijote de Nicaragua.


July 12. 2006 13:16

Many thanks , Great effort


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