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Entity Framework Rant

June 10, 2008 08:54 by matthaw


Wow, I never thought I'd hate a product so badly just starting to use it. If you've not tried out the new Entity Framework, give it a shot - but be ready to get frustrated and fast. The mere fact that I have to do half of my editing in pure XML and the other half in the designer is absurd. Why doesn't the designer support creating a new entity from my pre-loaded entity set from the database, or the ability to add a new property to my entity! Having to hop over to XML view just to add a new property is painful. I'm also all for "iterations" of code, but why is it when it's generating the model during compile time does it only give me 1 error at a time. Gar! I can't stand this - back to LINQ to SQL.


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June 11. 2008 20:35

Use NHibernate.  *ALL* your DAL problems will be solved.


June 12. 2008 06:12

@Travis - ohh if only, we cannot w/in MS due to the license.


August 16. 2008 19:33

How about LLBLGEN. it is brilliant and the support has been second to none. There isn't free but it has been worth every penny. Cheers, Pete


June 4. 2009 23:19

Totally agree, lets hope next version solves alot


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