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DataGrid's GridLines Property

February 16, 2004 18:39 by matthaw

I really wish that the default value for the GridLines property on the DataGrid (and possibly Repeater/DataList) was set to "None" and not "Both".  I mean, I can see the reason for having this if someone wanted to just plop some data on a webpage, and didn't care about formatting or defining their own columns.  But, for about 99% of the time, developers have to build the Columns manually, set styles, etc. etc. until it looks the way we want it.  I've never seen a DG in production that has GridLines, mainly because it just looks plain stupid with custom formatting.

So, why do we have to write GridLines="None" every time we build a DataGrid just to suffice that 1% of users that don't give a crap about formatting or are just showing the powerful use of the DG without writing a bunch of code?  ARRH!

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February 16. 2004 20:57

This is probably so that MS reps are able to drag a DG onto a form and run it and say "ooo!  Ahhh!  Look at that!  A working application without writing any code!"

I'm with you, waiting for the day MS starts engineering VS.Net and .NET so that it is more focused on real productivity and best practices instead of fancy smoke and mirrors presentations of drag&drop functionality that is useless in the real world.

Shannon J Hager

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