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I love Master Pages

February 19, 2004 18:37 by matthaw

The past several days, I've been preparing my company's websites and connecting applications for our upcomming name change. I've never realized how much of a pain it is to change sites layout, colors, etc. until I had to modify a .NET application of ours we released a few months ago.  I had to manually touch, at least, 50 various .ASPX and .ASCX files to get the new look and feel to propogate throughout the entire application. Talk about a pain in the butt.

So, I decided to create the new website using Metabuilders Master Pages control (site seems to be down, btw).  Let me tell you, one application I moved over (that I put together about 2 weeks ago using MP) was easily migrated to the new look and feel within an hour, rather than several days.  Master Pages is definately one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to having in ASP.NET 2.0, as it will make websites easier to manage when these sort of things come up.

Thanks for a great free control Andy!

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February 19. 2004 22:04

Well, if you use CSS to create your look and feel then changing it is still a matter of few hours even without master pages.


February 19. 2004 22:18

True, but its a complete overhaul of the design, new images, etc. Plus, it has to be downlevel browser compatible.

Matt Hawley

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