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February 19, 2004 23:14 by matthaw

This afternoon I decided to bring my company's intranet into the .NET world.  The current setup has an XML Document with a XSLT tranformation to build the listing of hidden/visible hiearchy.  I wanted to make the move as easy as I could, so I remembered ASP.NET contained a XML Server Control that allowed you to display XML Data transformed by XSL/XSLT.  Very cool indeed, but this isn't what I'm really stoked about.

After remembering that this site can be hit many, many, many times a day...I wanted to use Caching to store the XML document so it would be much easier on the server.  So, I decided I would make a sub-class control of the Xml control that would handle the caching for me.  Well, after digging into Reflector to determine which method I would need to override to enable caching...I stumbled across a few Cache objects when loading the XML and XSLT documents into their appropriate objects.

I was just stunned to see that this had already been thought of, good to see the ASP.NET team is on top of things!  However, I did waste about 15 min of my time by not knowing this...maybe I just overlooked some documentation that already stated this.  Either way, very cool indeedy.

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