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Another NNTP -> Outlook Reader

April 22, 2004 19:14 by matthaw
Just ran across NewsLook which is a NNTP reader for Outlook. Seems pretty promising, but I don't see why you would need it if you have NewsGator and my free NNTP Posting Plugin. NewsLook is currently in beta, and will cost roughly $40 USD when released.

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April 23. 2004 06:37

Hi, Matt: My problem with NewsGator's NNTP interface is that it doesn't display messages as threads. I tried following some NNTP newsgroups in NewsGator, but after a few weeks I gave up and went back to Outlook Express. NewsGator is the finest RSS reader I've used, but I find it unsatisfactory as an NNTP client.

Phil Weber

April 23. 2004 15:53

I have it so it has it as threads, or as closely as possible. You juse need to group it by conversation.

Matt Hawley

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