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dBase Column Names

April 22, 2004 22:15 by matthaw

So for the past 2 days I've banging my head against anything replacable - wall, keyboard, desk - you get the idea...but WHY? Well I was trying to use ODBC to insert rows into a dBase file, and it was giving me an error: "Invalid syntax in Insert Statement". Just for reference, here's an example of my insert:

insert into DbfTable (DATE, COL2, COL3) values ('1/1/2004', '1', 'ERR')

So - whats wrong with this, nothing to me, my database developer, and a few other fresh eyes? Well...wait, "DATE"...could that be a reserved word? I think it is. By simply putting square brackets around that column name, magically things started to work. Go figure, right. So - just as a FYI if anyone else is having this problem, make sure that you double check reserved words as well.

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