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Annoyance in Regions VS.NET Addin Fixed

November 19, 2004 18:36 by matthaw

If you’ve ever used the Regions Add In for VS.NET 2003, you may have noticed a few annoyances (at least, what I call annoyances because it isn’t the way I program). These include:

  • When adding a new region, it adds a blank line above and below the region.
  • When adding a new region, it doesnt add any blank lines between the region declaration and your code.

To me, this was just a complete annoyance since I like to put spaces between my methods already, and if I come back later to add regions, it starts messing up my source code so that I have several line breaks between my regions. Not to mention its a bit hard to read what the method signature actually is when the region declarations are contained right above your code.

So, with that in mind, I set out this morning (for about 15 minutes) to fix these annoyances. And so, you now have a build of the Regions Addin without these annoyances if you find them to bug you to the end and back.

Download it here! If you need to source, well good luck finding it, its already deleted. However, I modified only a few lines to remove carriage returns and add carriage returns. Something I’m sure you could figure it out too.

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