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BlogJet 1.2 BETA Released

November 19, 2004 17:40 by matthaw

Ohh the day has come, hip hip horay! hip hip horay! The folks over at BlogJet have finally released version 1.2 BETA of the ever so popular blogging application, BlogJet. I’ve been waiting for this release for quite some time, and I’m currently using it to post this entry.

The formal, detailed release notes have yet to be launched, but version 1.2 includes the following:

 This version includes long-awaited image resizing, file attachments, extended entries, excerpts and keywords, a brand new code editor with syntax highlighting and better code completion, easier account switching, XML-based drafts, typographic characters and autoreplacement of smilies, full XHTML support.

Can you say, ohhh yeah! The other great thing is that it is a free upgrade to all current customers! So, head over to BlogJet now and get it while its Hot! Hot! Hot!

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November 20. 2004 06:49

Thanks for the heads up Matt.  One question, does the excerpt function work for you?  It's grayed out on my install.  Can't figure out how it's supposed to be enabled.  

Brian Scott

November 22. 2004 17:14

Nope, sure doesn't. It also gives me an error since it is disabled. I've reported that bug.

Matt Hawley

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