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25 Years Old? - You Can't Get Hired Here...

December 12, 2004 18:07 by matthaw

Yes, its a outsourcing firm, but all of their careers state that if you’re 25 (well, 2 state 30) years old or older, you probably won’t get hired for a position. The majority of these positions also state that females are preferred.

So, my question is…why on earth would you apply there? It seems to me that there’s an age restriction, and isn’t that a bit against moral conduct when hiring candidates? Sure there’s other requirements for the positions, but hey, your 26…you’re not right for us.

I guess since I’m 23, I better get on the bus now that way I have a good 7 years till I’m fired! BTW – Just kidding, I wouldn’t in my insane (let alone my right) mind apply for anything at this company.

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December 12. 2004 19:13

I guess the laws in the Phillipines are different -- in the US one could make serious trouble for such restrictions.

Michael Kaplan

December 12. 2004 19:56

I had to see this for myself... Interesting.

Not only wouldn't I apply here, but I wouldn't hire this firm either.

I have to make a note to myself to avoid any type of relationship with this firm in the future.

Being 39 I'm starting to get sensitive about age discrimination...


December 12. 2004 20:02

That is simply ridiculous. I've had employers ask me at times "Are you married?", and when I say "No" .. they view that as a positive that I can spend nights in office.

Personally, I've decided not to work for a company that treats me like a slave. As far as the firm above, I wouldn't even hire their services, no matter how good they are, as that would be simply encouraging the above practise.

Sahil Malik

December 12. 2004 22:03

How good could their services be? They don't have anyone with "durable" experience.

They want degrees, yet limit the age to 30? I see 8 years max in their "history" when they get to the company.


December 13. 2004 03:15

This is a common practice in the philippines, and is not exclusive to their IT industry. I'm Filipino/Canadian and I grew up in Manila. Don't be surprised if you encounter these questionable practices: Age limit for jobs, photo ID requirement in application forms, religion, civil-status disclosure in application. And if you are female and single, the manager might ask for your telephone number and start dating you. It happened several times to many of my friends.

It's all about the culture. The sad thing is at some point in time, this is tolerated by the general masses, but I'm not sure nowadays if these practices are becoming obsolete as workers are more exposed to politically correct methods.


December 13. 2004 04:02

It's illegal here in New Zealand too, as is advertising for a specific gender.  Perhaps it's a cultural difference - it's quite common practise in Japan as well as the Phillipines.

I do think it's kind of strange that you can base your decision to hire someone on whatever you want (i.e. maybe you will only hire someone < 25 anyway), but you can't say or advertise as such.  It's like you can't be honest with your advertising, and will end up wasting the candidates time and your own time responding to those who don't fit what you want.

If I was thinking about applying for job, but they only wanted < 25's, or females or whatever, I'd want to know about that before hand.


December 13. 2004 06:49

Same thing in Portugal... and other european countries that I know of. It wouldn't help if we tried to sue a company for age descrimination because the legal system is just too damn slow... so what to do? write your age in your resume(everyone has to do it because they always ask your age...) and find a steady job before your're 30....

it is sad..


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