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Nov. CTP Installation Gotchas

December 14, 2004 23:31 by matthaw

So I’m at work and trying to install the November CTP from my one laptop to my test laptop. Here’s a few gotcha’s that you need to know when using Nero Image Drive…

  • You cannot connect directly to the virtual drive, you need to share it from your host machine.
  • The setup will fail trying to find the file VS_SETUP.MSI if installing across a network address (ie: \\\vs2k5\vs). To solve this issue map a drive on your test machine to that folder and try re-running the install, works just fine. Odd how this works, bug?
  • You have to install all the products in order to not receive an error message – this was posted previously, I just want to reiterate the fact.
  • I love that we don’t have pre-reqs anymore!

Update – I can’t get it to install! ERR! Nothing I do makes a difference! Ohh, its not a clean install – any ideas from the MS camp?

Update 2 – Attempting to install the 2.0 framework individually reports that my Windows Installer service cannot be accessed. I just may go with a fresh rebuild – not like I have anything of importance.

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December 15. 2004 08:45

I heard that changing the defaults will not install the november ctp release, make sure you dont modify any defaults.


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