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Released - Excentric's World Controls - Beta 1 Preview

March 13, 2006 15:35 by matthaw

Talk about a good weekend for me! I was able to prepare and release the first Beta 1 Preview to my testers. It’s been a fun couple of weeks working on re-writing the controls for .NET 2.0, and I’m just glad that the first phase is done. I figured the approach I would take for releasing beta’s would be very similar in how CTPs are launched. You’ll notice I called this a “Beta 1 Preview” because it contains a subset of the server controls. If you’re still interested in beta testing, I’m always looking for more people, so contact me. Ohh, and to the community awaiting the release, here’s a subset of breaking changes / features that went with this build:

  • Using WebResources to handle all Javascript sources, no more need for “ExternalResourcePath”.
  • No “down-level” support anymore for the CalendarPopup control, and the same will apply to the TimePicker.
  • MaskedTextBox now derives directly from TextBox, which means it’s no longer a composite control and lacks the validation controls within.
  • All controls will be themeable via skins.
  • All “text” properties will be localizable.
  • Added support to CalendarPopup for validation controls – must use those contained in eWorld.UI assembly.
  • Full support for DataSource controls with the Multi-Text list controls.

While just a teaser, there were a slew of bug fixes for all controls contained, most notably for the CalendarPopup control. So, enjoy!


March 15. 2006 16:38

Where can i find this beta version ?



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