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Release - Excentrics World Controls - Beta 1 Preview, Refresh 1

March 20, 2006 00:47 by matthaw

Ahh, another week another beta. I just dropped my Beta 1 Preview, Refresh 1 to my beta testers, and boy does it feel great. This beta drop included support for 2 more controls from my collection, as well as some breaking of backwards compatability. In summary, I’ve removed AccordianPanel and OrderedListBox. However, I implemented the

  • “Grouping” feature of the AccordianPanel into the CollapsablePanel control
  • Added support for “sliding” for FireFox
  • Fixed the ever-so-painful Nested Sliding Panel’s issue.

As far as the OrderedListBox, well that’s a whole different story. I’ve disbanded from the Composite Control nature that it was previously in hopes that a ListTransfer control (that implements this same functionality for individually moving up, down, to another ListBox, or deleting an item) will allow developers more freedom over layout.

So, hoping that these teasers keep the community actively involved, there will definately be more of them. If you have any features you’re wishing were implemented, make sure you drop me a line and let me know. Now’s the time, since I’m re-writing the controls. Also, if you’re just dying to get your hands on the beta’s, make sure you contact me as well and I’ll add you to the contact list. Enjoy!


April 11. 2006 20:55

Would love to be on the Beta testers list!


Dustin Blair


April 11. 2006 20:56


I would like to be on the Beta testers list!


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