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Released: Excentrics World Server Controls v2.0, Beta 1

March 25, 2006 09:33 by matthaw

Pulling a late night tonight to get the official Beta 1 out the door! I’ve locked the control set, which will include the following controls:

  - CalendarPopup
  - CollapsablePanel
  - CompareValidator *
  - CustomValidator *
  - FaqRepeater
  - ListTransfer
  - MaskedTextBox
  - MultiTextDropDownList
  - MultiTextListBox
  - NumericBox
  - RangeValidator *
  - RegularExpressionValidator *
  - RequiredFieldValidator *
  - TimePicker

* These validation controls only add support for use with the CalendarPopup / TimePicker controls, however work independently with other controls as well.

I will be continuing to fix bugs, tidy up the API, and clean up the design-time experience from now until I release. I will be taking the month of April off, as it’ll be a much deserved break, but I do have a good reason as I’ll be getting married and taking my honeymoon! So until later, I’m tired & need to hit the sack! Enjoy beta testers!


March 25. 2006 17:01

Good work Matt. Your controls are great. Happy marriage!

Simone Busoli

March 27. 2006 13:18

Love the controls!

Will 2.0 also be sold with source? Any chance for upgrades?




March 27. 2006 16:06

Yes, 2.0 will be handled just like my other versions, no charge to current licensed holders of the source code.

Matt Hawley

April 2. 2006 03:16

Where can I find the 2.0 version download???


April 2. 2006 16:42

They're not publicly available yet while still in beta.

Matt Hawley

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