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FogBugz getting an API & VS2005 Plugin!

December 22, 2006 16:29 by matthaw

Yes, the title says it all. FogBugz is getting an exposed API (oddly enough feels like WebServices but isn't even close - rar!) in the next version. The good news is there's a beta version of this API already out that enables a new Visual Studio 2005 Plugin to see your cases by your various filters. I've been wanting something like this for home for quite awhile, so I'm quite happy to see this finally exists. I would have posted sooner about this, but it was a rocky start for the API as it's already on (my version #, not there's) 1.2 due to some bugs not allowing me or many others to work with it. So definately check this out if you're using FogBugz and Visual Studio 2005 & hate to have a separate IE window open to manage your bugs.


December 22. 2006 21:47

about time!


December 22. 2006 22:30

Wow, I see Joel has finally made it to the 21st century.  Axosoft (I have no relation to them) has had this functionality in their product for *versions*.


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