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Microsoft AJAX & Google AdSense

December 22, 2006 16:22 by matthaw

I was bitten by this bug that was introduced in Microsoft AJAX RC. It seems that Microsoft AJAX is overriding the default implementation of Date.parse from Javascript with it's own implementation. Normally this isn't a bad idea, but it only accepted a certain set of templates when parsing making Google AdSense break upon loading on the page. Luckily enough, some developer named Cyril has a workaround available. The forum post and his blog entry (in French) have more information. Those visiting my website should no longer have a Javascript error displayed as I've implemented this workaround temporarily.


December 23. 2006 06:06

Yep - it was a bad bug.  The good news is that it is fixed in the next drop of ASP.NET AJAX.


December 23. 2006 21:11

I only see a chunk of html below your news item.

The google adsense chunk. It escaped the greater and lesser then sign.

Just mentioning Smile


December 28. 2006 12:42

This will be fixed in the next release.


February 10. 2007 07:39

They've fixed the issue.

Just tested it with RTM as gonna use it for my http://AdSenseASP.NET/ .

Alexander Trakhimenok

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