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When DateTime.MinValue Attacks

December 30, 2004 00:22 by matthaw

The other day I purchased myself a new Dell server for home, and when checking out my order status on their .NET Web App, I noticed this nice piece of information under the section of viewing all previous orders by my customer number.


Being this close to Christmas, the only possible solution is that Jesus must have bought my server for me. Heh, beat that Santa!

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Google Desktop Search Flaw, Fixed

December 21, 2004 07:48 by matthaw

You mean, it was conceivable that the information could be captured by another webpage with your hooks into the API to produce the webpages…you don’t say…


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My First Bug Stopped by TDD

December 19, 2004 06:48 by matthaw

So I’m working on a side job, and I’ve been using the great & wonderful Test Driven .NET, but thats not the point of this post. What the point is, is that for the first time since I’ve started doing TDD (which – I might add, is very short), running my tests proved to me that a bug existed in code as I modified it. Yes, thats right – 3 tests failed, so I spent about an hour digging down in my buisness logic to try and find out why. Alas, I finally did find out why, and it was because of a change I had made.

Thank you TDD, it stopped a bug that I probably wouldn’t have noticed from being deployed and my client seeing!

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Beta Day - VS.NET 2005

December 16, 2004 02:01 by matthaw

Well, my reactions to VS.NET are still the same…still amazes me. I started re-creating some of my custom controls, started with the simple ones first, just so I can get “ahead of the game” on this for whenever it goes prime time (PDC?).

Anyways – I love the new data binding methods, which makes it completely easier in both controls & web app development. I did figure out that running as non-admin, well…sucks. You can’t debug (and there’s no VS.NET Debuggers Group that was created) and the ASP.NET Configuration App only works if your an admin – makes sense! Either way, there’s bugs out there still, but pretty stable as of right now for web app and doing minimal stuff. The biggest issue was not being able to debug while not an admin, I guess I’ll just suck it up and run as admin!

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Beta Day: FogBugz 4.0 and VS.NET 2005

December 15, 2004 23:18 by matthaw

So today I decided it was going to be a beta day, well really, I was just going to work in VS.NET 2005’s Nov. CTP distro that was just launched, more on this later. However, prior to lunch I got an email notifying me that I’ve been accepted into the FogBugz 4.0 beta program. Ohh yeah! Now, I’m going to keep Joel’s “Mouth Wide Shut” policy by not discussing anyting about the 4.0 beta, but I do have to say this – its stable, more powerful, and a bunch of new awesome features have been added.

With that said, its time to move onto VS.NET 2005. Wow, this thing gets better and better with each new CTP or beta that is released. I’ve spent some time just working with web apps right now, you know the basics. The one feature that was lacking in the current versions of VS.NET that I now LOVE in VS.NET 2005 is the fact that you have intellisense for custom controls – and without doing anything! By simply adding your Register directive or using the new global Registration for controls, you’ll immediately start seeing intellisense for your custom controls. You don’t realize how many times I as a web control author, have been asked “how come this doesn’t have any intellisense?” I’m also still getting used to the idea of no precompilation of web apps anymore, however I did see that you can “publish” precompiled apps to a location that will allow you to deploy those handy-dandy assemblies instead of source code.

I did notice one bug, and I’ve not read the release notes yet, but the ASP.NET configuration manager doesn’t work – at least not logged on as an admin (still haven’t tried as an admin yet). Also, I’m finally glad that binding data using the ObjectDataSource finally works…thats going to make binding to business objects soooo much easier. Wow, I’m still amazed, now – back to more playing / testing!

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Nov. CTP Installation Gotchas

December 14, 2004 23:31 by matthaw

So I’m at work and trying to install the November CTP from my one laptop to my test laptop. Here’s a few gotcha’s that you need to know when using Nero Image Drive…

  • You cannot connect directly to the virtual drive, you need to share it from your host machine.
  • The setup will fail trying to find the file VS_SETUP.MSI if installing across a network address (ie: \\\vs2k5\vs). To solve this issue map a drive on your test machine to that folder and try re-running the install, works just fine. Odd how this works, bug?
  • You have to install all the products in order to not receive an error message – this was posted previously, I just want to reiterate the fact.
  • I love that we don’t have pre-reqs anymore!

Update – I can’t get it to install! ERR! Nothing I do makes a difference! Ohh, its not a clean install – any ideas from the MS camp?

Update 2 – Attempting to install the 2.0 framework individually reports that my Windows Installer service cannot be accessed. I just may go with a fresh rebuild – not like I have anything of importance.

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25 Years Old? - You Can't Get Hired Here...

December 12, 2004 18:07 by matthaw

Yes, its a outsourcing firm, but all of their careers state that if you’re 25 (well, 2 state 30) years old or older, you probably won’t get hired for a position. The majority of these positions also state that females are preferred.

So, my question is…why on earth would you apply there? It seems to me that there’s an age restriction, and isn’t that a bit against moral conduct when hiring candidates? Sure there’s other requirements for the positions, but hey, your 26…you’re not right for us.

I guess since I’m 23, I better get on the bus now that way I have a good 7 years till I’m fired! BTW – Just kidding, I wouldn’t in my insane (let alone my right) mind apply for anything at this company.

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Google Suggests

December 11, 2004 00:27 by matthaw

[Via Joel]

This searching is pretty darn cool. Takes it to a new extreme. Thanks for the link Joel!

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Localized Versions of Unleash It

December 10, 2004 17:37 by matthaw
If there is anyone out there that would like to help me localize Unleash It to different languages, I’d really appreciate the help. I know English, and thats about it…and I’m not sure how much Free 2 Professional Translation will help. If you want to help, shoot me an email, and we can go from there!

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ASP.NET Goodies Article on DevX

December 9, 2004 17:59 by matthaw

So I ran across this little article, which looks to have been published on December 7. Whats really cool about this article is that I got 2 honorable mentions, one for my web controls and one for Unleash It.

I think that his article was written quite some time ago, because he aluded to the fact that I’ll be rebranding WebDeploy sometime real soon, but as well all know, rebranding of WebDeploy to Unleash It was done back in August with the first 2.0 release done on September 1. But, thats okay because it still gets that information out there.

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