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Open Source Web Designs

March 30, 2008 15:36 by matthaw

When I was setting up my blog (I used BlogEngine.NET) I was walking through some tutorials on how I can create my own theme since none of the built-in ones fit my overall site style. One of the videos I was watching showed him converting a design from Open Source Web Design. This is a very cool site for the design challenged folks like me who can't come up with a good color combination or a great layout scheme.

Since viewing this site, I've decided it was time for me to ditch my current website look and bring in some new "flavor". Now, it's not live yet - but I'm still working on my redesign and will post when that is live. If you have any other cool open source sites like this or repositories for [free] stock images, please let me know. This stuff is great!

My New Job

March 27, 2008 16:12 by matthaw

Ah, the cat is finally out of the bag at work. I've been holding out recently and didn't want to say anything until the official notice had been sent around to my colleagues. I've been at Microsoft for just about 3 years now, working in the MSIT Partner division and I've finally decided it was time to move on. As of April 14th, I will be working on the CodePlex.com team! It's a very small, very agile team under the direction of Jim Newkirk. I can't wait to get over there and start learning a lot from this team.

With this new adventure, I hope to start blogging a lot more and really get back into the community. I've sorely missed not being involved and it's something I'll get back to doing.

This is just my first of few surprises, stay tuned as the 2nd one is going to take a bit more effort by me!

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New Blog Home and News to Come!

March 27, 2008 01:22 by matthaw

Well, if you've made it over here and saw this blog post - great! I realized it was time to start blogging again, and since http://weblogs.asp.net is getting too extremely cluttered, I decided to venture out on my own. First off, thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy keeping up to date on my blog. I swear I'll be more proactive about things. The biggest reason is leading me up to my second statement, I have some exciting news to come! I can't share just yet, but the two things I have in the works should be very exciting for both me and the community.

So, hopefully I can become more diligent in posting, as I've been doing some really cool things recently, and wanted to start sharing again. Now, I still can't say for certainty that this blog will remain technical by any means, but I'll definitely try my best. Until later...

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