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XML For Signatures

August 19, 2005 00:23 by matthaw
Today I've seen something I've never seen before that raises the bar on geekness... XML for signatures. One was XAML and another was a VS.NET Styled XML signature. Heh, crazy - okay back to work.

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... But Not an End to Excentrics World

August 15, 2005 01:47 by matthaw

Following up from my last post, the end is no longer in sight. I’ve gotten approval (quickly I might add) from the ASP.NET Product Group concerning my continued development and distribution of my controls. So, once again I’m in the holding pattern of getting my moonlighting request approved on both ends. Hopefully this time, things will go a lot quicker.

As an aside, my site will remain as-is until I get final approval. It has been such a pleasure seeing the support that the community can bring in. So, just a few weeks more

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There is an End to Everything...

August 12, 2005 08:31 by matthaw

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last blogged…I guess my new job has seriously been keeping me that busy. It’s unfortunate that I have to announce such a depressing moment after such a long absence…

If you’ve been to my website recently, you will already know this…but for the rest of you, tune in. I have a saddening problem that has really struck me home. The legal department at Microsoft has denied my outside employment for Excentrics World. This includes, continuing development of my custom server controls, stoppage of selling my custom server controls source code, and lastly (the heart-hitter) the inability to distribute my free compiled assemblies.

This sucks, it seriously does…as for the two and a half years, Excentrics World has provided the community with valuable tools, and this grand vision is fading quickly. The only light at the end of the tunnel that I can see, is that the ASP.NET Product group has to give the big thumbs up for my controls before I can even discuss things with the legal department again. Yes, this means getting in contact with the ASP.NET product group about things, which I hope will be a simplistic task – and possible savior.

However, I wish to get as much community support rallied behind Excentric’s World cause, so please head on over and Support the Controls. As my website says, please follow these three things in the meantime…

1. Abide by my legal bounds by not distributing the controls yourself
2. Be patient
3. And lastly, Support the Controls

Thank you to the entire ASP.NET Community, it’s been a pleasure serving you.

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